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With the growing of global and national economies, infrastructure projects have become a top strategic priority for many administrations around the world including in India. This has led to a surge in demand for high quality bitumen in the market, primarily to use for building new roads. With plenty available resources, Tusk is aiming to fill a gap in demand that exists in the current bitumen market by supplying high quality bitumen of different grades and specifications. Understanding and meeting the Indian market need is what drives our efforts and the satisfaction of our clients is what we aspire to achieve. Expansion and extension of our global reach beyond limits is our vision and we continually strategize to facilitate and accelerate supply and delivery. This has led us to take an all-in-one follow up approach whereby commodity is produced, tested, packaged and made ready for delivery all under the eyes of TUSK.

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We provide bitumen in four penetration grades:

Until now TUSK has provided mainly Bitumen in 180kg new steel drums, originated directly and only from manufacturers in the Middle East. Drums can be marked as per client request. We intend to offer bulk bitumen by mid of 2022.

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Mainly used in road construction as a binder in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), spraying, and chip applications.

BITUMEN 80/100

Ideal for road construction and maintenance, as well as the manufacture of Asphalt Pavements with below penetration level of 80/100. This bitumen is primarily utilized in the production of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses.

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Widely used to construct extra heavy bitumen pavements that are essential to tolerate significant traffic loads.


Is a specially formulated bitumen created by a physical/chemical modification process that optimizes the chemistry and balance of the bituminous components. They're designed to withstand both pavement rutting and thermal shrinkage cracking at different temperatures.

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Sunflower Oil

We have a fruitful partnership with sunflower oil commodities and manufacturers. Sunflower oil is produced in a variety of qualities and can be divided into many categories, each with its own set of characteristics. We are well aware of this, which is why DOA employs this knowledge to improve trading performance. 
Sunflower oil commodities are in high demand from traders and buyers, so it's critical to have the right trading network in place to capitalize on this demand. That is precisely what DOA
offers its clients and partners.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is transported in special steel containers that regulate temperature, light, and oxygen levels to keep the cargo from spoiling or solidifying when in transit. Palm oil has low production costs, but it can be a reliable and massive source of nutrition to a lot of people. DOA primarily  obtains palm oil supply from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. We ensure the customers that our company provides the highest quality of this product.


Wheat is the lifeblood of a growing world, and market appetite for this cereal will never fall below its all-time high. Wheat is a good commodity for commerce since it is traded at steady prices, it is manufactured in large quantities to satisfy rising demand, and it is typically resilient to market disruption and economic instability.
DOA ensures its partners and clients that the wheat supply is derived from the best harvested lands.


DOA has put in a lot of work to produce its goods on a regular basis and to organize them according to the goals it has set for itself. The company's agenda is focused on a willingness to deliver high-quality goods and to follow a continuous growth strategy in order to satisfy the needs of its consumers. Our company has the potential to consistently manufacture and deliver flour products to the highest quality and standards.


We invest in malt trading because of its high demand elasticity for human consumption and livestock feed, inflation tolerance, portfolio diversification, and, most importantly, the approaches we use to ensure the availability of high-quality cultivated grains in Iraq, Ukraine, UK, Spain, and some African countries.


DOA is devoted to the production and trading of nuts such as almonds, sesame seeds, walnuts, prunes, pistachios, cashews, figs, dates, and peanuts. We produce nuts that meet the highest quality expectations.

Rough Surface


Infrastructure development has been a primary strategic goal for many governments, especially those in emerging nations, as the global economy continues to grow. In many areas, this has resulted in a boom in demand for high-quality bitumen, which is mostly used to construct new roads.
TUSK Company intends to provide high quality bitumen of various grades and specifications to cover a demand gap in the existing Indian bitumen market. Our efforts are driven by a desire to understand and address market needs, as well as a desire to satisfy our customers. Our mission is to expand and extend our national reach, and we're always strategizing ways to make supply and delivery easier and faster.
TUSK Company is composed of experienced traders. They have been in the industry for a long time and have substantial knowledge in the field. Every link in the product supply chain is well-connected to us. The relationships we have created over many years of trading, brokering, and negotiating are something we are proud of. The orders are built on trust and maintained by consistent delivery.


Address: Urban Estate Sector-7, Karnal 132001, India

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